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Methyl chloride palm oil
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Chlorinated palm oil methyl ester:

This product is a kind of higher molecular weight product produced by the chlorination reaction of natural oils and alcohols after the lipid exchange reaction. It has good compatibility with PVC, excellent plasticizing effect, flame resistance, non-toxicity, environmental protection, and The product has an ester structure and can be used as a plasticizer instead of dioctyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate. It also contains chlorine, which can replace chlorinated paraffin and improve the flame retardancy and electrical insulation of the product. In the field of pvc and plastic track, silicon PU glue, PVC hose, cable material particles, PVC artificial leather, plastic and sealing strips and other industries, papermaking additives and coatings, polyurethane foaming auxiliary plasticizers and other industries.

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