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hydrochloric acid
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Industrial hydrochloric acid use:
1. Industrial hydrochloric acid is mainly used for pickling steel. Before the subsequent treatment of iron or steel, hydrochloric acid can be used to react the rust or iron oxide on the surface. Usually use 18% hydrochloric acid solution as pickling agent to clean carbon steel.
2. When the purity requirements in the industry are extremely high, high-purity hydrochloric acid is often used to adjust the pH value of the water flow; when the requirements are relatively low, industrial-purity hydrochloric acid is sufficient to neutralize wastewater or treat water in swimming pools.
3. Hydrochloric acid is also commonly used in the petroleum industry. Hydrochloric acid is injected into oil wells to dissolve rocks and form a huge cavity.
4. Use the property of hydrochloric acid to react with insoluble alkalis to prepare daily necessities such as toilet cleaner and rust remover
5. Hydrochloric acid can undergo acid-base reactions, so many inorganic compounds can be prepared, such as the chemicals needed to treat water, ferric chloride and polyaluminum chloride (abbreviated as polyaluminum, PAC):
Ferric chloride and polyaluminum play the role of flocculant and coagulant in the production of sewage treatment, paper, drinking water, etc.


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